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The Seychelles Ports Authority

The Seychelles Ports Authority (SPA) was established in October 2004 by the SPA Act (2004). This followed a Government decision to adopt a business-oriented approach towards the running of the ports for better management of all port related activities. Previously, this arm of Government was formerly known as the Ports and Marine Services Division under the Ministry of Transport. SPA is a landlord port authority as providers of the main port infrastructure and superstructure. 

Port Victoria remains one of the most important Industrial Fishing, Cruise & Super yachts port destinations in the southwest Indian Ocean, engaging the private sector in port-related Developments and maintaining strong collaboration with other ports in the region by virtue of its membership of the Association of Ports of the Indian Ocean Islands as well as the Port Management Association for eastern and Southern Africa. 

SPA remains engaged to increase, modernize and upgrade all its domestic and international port infrastructures as well as its port management processes as well as the efficiency, safety and security at its terminals.

Vision : Our Vision represents what SPA aspires to achieve as an Authority over time: To continuously transform and sustain Port Victoria as a viable maritime hub.

Mission : The Mission is a reflection of the core responsibilities bestowed on SPA upon its creation: To safeguard the maritime gateway to the Seychelles socio-economy by providing adequate and reliable port infrastructure and efficient services.

Moto : The Motto showcases SPA as a dynamic Authority moving forward at a steady pace: Propelling Port Victoria Forward.