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Eve Island Cargo Terminal

This terminal is usually busy towards dawn when the cargo vessels arrive for unloading from Mahe.

As part of the strategy of developing Praslin as a hub for inner islands, SPA had invested in the construction of a jetty and warehouse at Eve Island to facilitate the transportation of cargo from Mahe and the inner islands. The cargo vessels usually leave Mahe island around 13H30 and reach Praslin around 16H30 depending on the load and sea conditions. The discharging and issuing of cargo to various suppliers and persons lasts about three hours. Other cargo that are not distributed upon arrival are stored in the warehouses for dry goods whilst perishables are stored in refrigerated containers at the terminal.

Eve Island Cargo Jetty

Berth Length: 160 Meters

Overhang Length: YES

Bollard Capacity:  tons

Bunker Points: NO

Water Points: NO

Maximum Draft: 5.0 Meters
Vessel’s Length: